• Bagstrapz Motorcycle Luggage Tie Down Straps
  • Bagstrapz Motorcycle Luggage Tie Downs
  • Bagstrapz Motorcycle Luggage Tie Down Straps
  • Bagstrapz Motorcycle Luggage Tie Down Straps
  • Bagstrapz Motorcycle Luggage Tie Down Straps


Motorcycle Luggage Tie-Down Straps 

Quit wasting your time -- Secure your gear and GO!


Strong, Simple, Quick

Small & Lightweight


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cart fullThe purple harley in all the photos is my bike, I love to ride and have been for many years. I finally got tired of the assortment of put your eye out bungies and cords that I was using to tie-down my gear, it seemed like it took forever and all those bungies took up WAY too much space up in my saddle bags.

I wanted a simple way to secure my stuff, and be on my way quickly, spending my time riding and not messing with securing my gear.

 I also wanted something small and lightweight that could live in my saddle bags, and be there when I needed to secure most anything to the back of the bike quickly and easily.

It had to work for a quick trip around town or a 4 week road trip & after buying endless products and not being satisfied, I finally solved my own problem & designed Bagstrapz!

The standard set of Bag Strapz are two 12-inch pieces and two 60-inch pieces of 1 inch wide polypropylene webbing materiel. The shorter pieces have steel d-rings at one end and a half twist loop at the other, the long straps have the half twist loop at one end and nothing at the other, that end gets threaded thru the d-rings.

IMG 6352

We also offer Long Strapz, these are a great supplemental set of tie-downs used in conjunction with your set of Bag Strapz, or they can be used on their own. Long Strapz are made from the same material, and consist of two straps each an enormous 100-inches long, with d-rings at one end and nothing at the other.

Most of your needs will be met with a single set of Bag Strapz, but if you are like me occasionally toting a larger than usual amount of gear for a long road trip, add some additional stability to the load by adding the Long Strapz.. I sometimes use them to add something on top of my gear I want off and on easily without removing my main tie downs, rain gear, a heavier jacket, or an extra helmet for example.

feed thru drawWe use polypropylene rather than nylon because it does not absorb water, or loosen like nylon will. When wet, nylon stretches approximately. 10%, not something you want happening if you get caught in a rain storm on your trip!

We are also using Steel D-rings that are heavily chromed, the shape of the D-rings is slightly squared to insure a better grip of the strap. Anyone that has used a helmet or any other item that has double d-rings on it can appreciate the simplicity of something that is so easy to use, and works so well. "If it works Don't Fix It!"


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