How To Use

Bagstrapz are very simple to use, just slip the non-looped end through the looped end, wrapping around your tie down point, use all four.

feed thru close 1     feed thru draw



Then Load Up Load Your Gear Up! Feed the cut ends though the D-rings and pull tight.
Any loose strap left over, just slip it under the strap.

close excess1

If you have a lot of gear or you just need some additional side to side stability, add one or 2 of our Long Strapz, these also work great to add that heavier jacket or rain gear on top of your load for easy access.

long whole trans final sm 1

Tip : Our Flat D-rings are designed to stay tight, and at times can be difficult to get loose under tension. (We did that deliberately). Just slip the end of a small item like a coin in the gap between the D-rings and rotate to start them loosening up, and you are good to go!


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