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A set of Bag Strapz consists of:
2 each - 12 inch long strapz and 
2 each - 60 inch long strapz.

Each piece has a loop at one end so you can feed the strap around a solid tie down point. The Loop ends have a half twist so they lay well and for easy on and off.

Each set comes with a free Wrap Strap, to keep them organized in your saddle bags. Bag Strapz are small, lightweight and strong.

Made from Polypropylene, bagstrapz  Do Not stretch when wet
like nylon does, if you get caught in the rain no need to stop and tighten them.


After you position the strapz, pile on the gear, then feed the longer ends through the double d-rings and pull tight.


  • Even Our D-Rings Are Uncommon!
  • Made From A Strong Zine Alloy 
  • They Are Heavily Chromed
  • Featuring Flattened Sides For Better Grip







Stop trusting all your expensive gear to a bad set of cheaply made bungies! I love to ride and wanted a simple way to secure my stuff, and be on my way quickly, spending my time riding and not messing with securing my gear.  So I solved my own problem and designed Bag Strapz!

Bag Strapz, the last set of luggage tie downs you will ever buy, at least until you realize all the other applications!

Cant figure out what to get your favorite biker for their next birthday, holiday gift? 

How about a set of Bag Strapz!